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Golden Retriever Training for Kids Golden Retriever Training – Learning When to Leash by Mark Paul

There are various things that should be noted before buying a dog. First of all, you must select the breed that will fit into your situation and next thing is, whether that particular breed will obey your orders in a fine manner.

A pet owner think, both things are must. However it is not so easy to make them go together.

Intelligent and easily trainable dogs like beagle cannot be reared by people living in apartments as they are very active and need space to exhibit them.

Golden retrievers are very much adored by people not only for their good looks, but also for their good manners. Single owner or a family does not make any difference to it for it easily
adjusts to its situation.

Golden Retriever breed is very intelligent and training the dog to obey your orders will never be a problem for you.

If you want a dog for hunting, or guarding your house, or simply as a companion, no problem the Golden Retrievers will serve your purpose, due to their natural talent.

The owners must be able to give the dog enough space for its physical activity which is very essential for its breed.

Once the dog is matured, it learns to be obedient and calm and does no harm to the things in your house under any situation.

If the house does not give space to its physical activity, then it must be taken out for walking and it is essential to allow it to find enjoyment with the breed in dog park.

It does not need any formal training by dog trainers. The owners can very well train themselves casually and it will grasp soon.

Strengthen its behavior by positive reinforcement so that it learns how to behave. They are very intelligent and always want to satisfy its master.

Good response should always be rewarded. By giving it a snack or a hug whenever it sits or lies down for your command, will fix the behavior in its mind.

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Learn the basics of Golden Retriever Training.

It is difficult to avoid housebreaking of the new dog, but this will increase the love between the dog and his master.

Golden retriever breeders have all possible information pertaining to the training of Labrador retrievers.

One must principally consult a breeder so as to gather information and advice regarding the important points to be emphasized upon while breeding.

The breeders will tell the information seeker to focus on the outdoor life of dogs, increase their activities with water and their interaction with humans.

A Golden retriever and a Labrador belong to the same breed and have lots in common.

Despite variations in the color of the Labrador, the training will be similar for the Golden retriever and the Labrador.

Due to the inborn friendly attitude of the Golden retrievers, their masters will derive huge amount of pleasure and entertainment once their training is complete.

Golden retrievers were invented by the inmates of Scotland who originated them after their successful crossing of a yellow retriever with a Tweed Water Spaniel, supposed to be a Field Spaniel breed that is now believed to have been no more in existence.

A Labrador retriever has great hunting abilities and is to be bred by the family while its Spaniel counterpart has great swimming skills and can adapt well in different temperatures.

Spaniels have a habit to become compatible with fellow dogs and cats; however they maintain distance with small animals.

A golden retriever has well developed hunting, swimming and retrieving abilities.

Golden retrievers and Labrador retrievers should be trained at a very early age when they start feeling the urge for urination.

Do forget that after successful completion of their training, Golden retrievers will provide a lot of enjoyment to their masters because of their friendly nature.

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Golden Retriever Training Advice: Train Your Puppy by Mark Paul

A wire shelf with a cover, but no bedding in the bottom, are options for the puppy’s crate so that it can be wet, soiled and chewed by the puppy.

What the puppy chews is dangerous for him. It is important to make a habit out of putting the puppy in his crate at night and letting him out in the morning.

After choosing the proper place where the puppy will go potty, like a grassy spot or a mat, every morning take the puppy out and take him to that spot.

Constant gentle remarks encourages the dog, do this repeatedly.

Reward the puppy with treats and affection when he uses the spot you taught him to go potty in.

The puppy will have accidents, keeping an eye on your dog and catching him and then showing him the right place every single time will help.

If you keep a constant eye on your dog the faster he’ll be trained and have no accidents.

Extra love and attention are demanded when your dog obeys the potty instructions; this will motivate him to get it right.

When you take him to potty in the morning, if he doesn’t go give him some food and something to drink.

After that show him the proper place to potty so that he can try again. (If both the potty area and feeding area are inside it is important to keep them separate.)

It will take some time for the puppy to learn, especially when they are young because they tend to go right after they eat.

You’re puppy will be trained in no time if you give him the same dedication as the first day for a couple of weeks.

(Remember If he has a potty mat inside keep it separate from his feeding area) Then take him to where he can try to go again.

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Want to find out more about golden retriever training, then visit our site to know more about golden retriever breed.

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Health Concerns in a Golden Retriever

Health Concerns in a Golden Retriever by Lea Mullins

Dog owners can take all possible measures to care for their pets in the best way that they can, but the truth is some dogs”�� health concerns are simply genetic. Some illnesses that are quite common to the Golden Retriever breed are hip or elbow dysplasia and arthritis. Here are a few things to look out for as well as some preventive tips to keep your Golden retriever as healthy as possible.

Hip/Elbow Dysplasia
Dysplasia is a crippling disease that causes your dogs”�� hip or elbow bones to deteriorate. Because of this, an uneven fit with the hip or elbow bone and socket develops. Eventually, this can lead to degenerative joint diseases that will cause your Golden Retriever discomfort.

The good thing is that hip or elbow dysplasia can be detected quite early. At four months, you can have your Golden Retriever tested for the disease through an x-ray. Fortunately in some cases, it is even possible that Golden Retrievers grow out of this disease.

Arthritis affects dog the same way it affects humans. This disease can cause your Golden Retriever extreme discomfort that can make movement difficult. Treatment can be done through injecting pain relievers and medication. Warm baths are also known to relieve discomfort when it comes to aching joints.

Hypothyroidism is a skin disease that is caused by lowered levels of thyroid hormones. A common side effect of this disease includes hair loss. The good news is that this disease is very treatable, thanks to hormone replacement therapy.

Canine Von Willebrand”��s Disease
Though this disease has quite a rare occurrence rate, it is still known to affect Golden Retrievers. Its effects are quite similar to what happens when people suffer from hemophilia which impairs the body”��s ability to control clots and bleeding. Though there are no known treatments for this disease, various preventive measures can be taken.

Other health issues involving Golden Retrievers include cancer and epilepsy. To help avoid these diseases, make sure that you acquire your Golden Retriever from a reputable breeder. Before having your dog mate with another dog, have that dog tested for any diseases. Ensure that your dog maintains a healthy diet and gets enough exercise. Last but not the least; make sure that your dog gets regular check-ups.

When it comes to dog health, prevention is always better than treatment. If anything, early detection enables you to take your dog”��s problem head on, as early as possible. Do what you can to help your dog live a long and healthy life.

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Exactly What is a White Golden Retriever?

Exactly What is a White Golden Retriever?
By Laurence Burrows

There is no such thing as a White Golden Retriever, according to golden retriever breed standards. In other words, there are no white purebred golden retrievers. Officially, these dogs are said to be very light cream in color. Nevertheless, this snowy variety of the golden is becoming more and more popular. Their striking good looks and tendency to be well bred dogs that have all of the noble characteristics of the breed, create a high demand for these great dogs.

White golden retrievers can also be called English cream, English, English white, snowy, platinum, platinum blonde, European, and other names. All of these names refer to the same dog, unless an unscrupulous salesman is trying to pass off a mixed breed as a golden. The puppies and the parents of the puppies should have the appropriate papers demonstrating their thoroughbred status. First, use your common sense. Do the puppies and the parents look like golden retrievers? Become familiar with the breed standards, so you can better judge the dogs. Finally, look into genetic testing as a last resort.

The standards are different for American and European golden retrievers. Too dark or too light of a coat is not acceptable in the American show ring. A light cream color is accepted in the European show ring, but a red or mahogany color is not. The red/mahogany color is permissible in America for the breed. In other words, a golden of this color will not receive a fault in the show ring. Nonetheless, goldens of the ‘wrong color’ are owned in Europe and America by pet owners who are not looking for a thoroughbred or a show dog. In Europe, the golden’s coat should not be too short or too long, but should have a dense, water resistant undercoat. Coats in America can be longer. Generally, goldens should have dark eyes and noses. Pink noses are not acceptable for the breed. American standards allow for slightly lighter ‘amber’ eyes, but they should still be basically dark in color.

‘White’ goldens that are often sought after in America, are treasured for their European characteristics, and strong traits. The ‘white’ golden, is really a pale, European cream colored golden retriever. European goldens generally have a stockier body structure, and more of a block shaped head. Snowy colored goldens selling in America are often described as having a ‘blocky head’. White, or English cream goldens are expected to have the renowned temperament of the breed. Goldens should be friendly, gentle, confident, intelligent, and have a strong willingness to work.

Snowy goldens tend to be more expensive, but they also tend to be well bred. However, where money is involved, there is always corruption. It is best to talk with a breeder in person before making a large investment. A quality breeder will not have a problem with someone spending time with a puppy’s parents. Make sure the parents are in line with breed standards and are healthy. Also, ask if a health guarantee is included, as well as a puppy guarantee. A puppy guarantee will allow you to return the dog if things don’t go well.

Laurence Burrows is a golden retriever lover, and trainer. For more great tips on the White Golden Retriever, visit

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