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After new owners adopt Golden Retrievers, one important thing that they have to learn is to help the dog adjust to his new home. It may take two weeks or longer to some until he becomes fully adapted. These two weeks or more play an important factor on how you and your dog will get along. This is your start to build a lifelong relationship.

It may not be easy at the start. Your new dog is in a new home, were there are new people, new surroundings and new rules that need to be followed. The place is far different from the cages and kennels that he wakes up with everyday. The sounds are different, quieter than the usual barking of other dogs that he used to hear. The smell is far better, with a meal being cooked in the kitchen compared to the foul smell of dogs whose bathing sessions are overdue.

Your new dog may have mixed emotions. From excitement knowing that he is finally in a loving home. He may be afraid being away from his so-called home for the last five months. Expect him jumping out of excitement, accidents because he doesn’t know yet where he should potty, exploring and chewing on things and a little bit of howling at night time.

That is why it is important to prepare everything and everyone even before you take him home. Buy his essentials, read dog care books, educate the family and puppy proof your home. When he comes home, it is necessary that he should be on leash to make sure that you will be able to supervise all his actions.

His first day is the start of establishing new rules and schedules. Before taking him in, introduce his potty spot, show him his crate, toys and the new people that he will interact with everyday. Make sure he has his chew toys to avoid chewing on your belongings.

Create a schedule to help him adapt and set rules that everyone must follow. No tug of war, wrestling or jumping. There is only one potty spot. Do not give scrap food. Do not yell at the dog. Do not entice or tease the dog to be aggressive.

Enroll him to obedience class and make sure to socialize your dog. Establish yourself as the alpha lead and play games that will build leadership. Do not let your new dog wander around the house off leash and never leave him unattended. You’ll never know what he is capable of doing while you’re away.

Be consistent with training, schedule, rules, discipline and reinforcement. Always praise and reward your dog for good deeds and right behavior. Make sure you give rewards on the right time and avoid unintentional approvals for bad behavior.

In all cases, be patient. No dog is perfect and he may commit mistakes from time to time. But as long as he feels loved and cared for, it won’t take too long until he becomes adjusted to your home. And he will forever show gratitude for your kindness to welcome him in your home and hearts.