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The Golden Retriever – A Noble Breed

The Golden Retriever – A Noble Breed
By Laurence Burrows

Who does not want to be better informed about the golden retriever breed? Known for their intelligence, friendliness, gentleness, loyalty, and willingness to work, goldens are a favorite breed for families. Their strong attributes make them great hunting dogs, guide and service dogs, and search and rescue dogs. Their distinctive golden coat gives the golden retriever a natural glow. This versatile breed is famous for its high energy and playfulness.

The golden retriever is a member of the sporting group. They are large, robust dogs which stand 20-24 inches tall at withers and weigh 55-75 pounds. The American Breed Standard calls for a coat to be any shade of gold barring coats that are too dark or too light. The British standards allow for lighter shades of gold, known as cream colors. A red or mahogany ‘gold’ color is allowable under American rules, but not under British rules. American goldens are typically taller and more slender and have a longer coat. British dogs are stockier with shorter tails and legs.

Originally, the Labrador retriever came from Newfoundland. Fishermen brought the breed to England about 1800. In the 1800’s, golden retrievers were developed in Scotland at the highland estate of Sir Dudley Marjoribanks, later Baron Tweedmouth. Golden retrievers were originally used as hunting dogs to retrieve shot game birds and waterfowl. They were bred to be great hunting dogs with water-resistant coats, an excellent sense of smell, and soft mouths that do not damage game. The breed was first arrived at by the yellow retriever crossed with a tweed water spaniel, now extinct. Afterwards, the breed was infused with black wavy-coated retrievers, Irish Setters, Bloodhounds, and the St. John’s Water Dog of Newfoundland.

A dog legendary for its gentle, friendly ways, the golden retriever doesn’t make a good watchdog; they are known for their affection for both their owners and for strangers. This breed thrives on human companionship. Goldens are energetic and active dogs. Exercising everyday is important for their health. Bred to retrieve ducks and other waterfowl, goldens love to swim. Active, and large in size, this breed is not the ideal apartment dog. Though they are adaptable, a prospective owner should live near a park and be willing to spend a lot of time with his/her dog. Otherwise, goldens need sizable backyards to be healthy. Known for their intelligence, these dogs enjoy learning tricks, playing games, retrieving and catching balls, and exercising with their owners. It is not uncommon for goldens to win obedience and agility competitions. Energetic and devoted, this breed also makes great working and service dogs. Having an excellent sense of smell, goldens have been employed in alpine search and rescue, and as police dogs for drug detection. Very active, this breed may not be the best choice of dog for the elderly. However, golden retrievers are great with children and other pets, and make a wonderful family pet.

Typically, golden retrievers can expect to live about 10-15 years. Unfortunately, bad breeding for profit has led to a number of common health problems. The most frequently encountered of these afflictions is hip dysplasia. Cataracts is another common ailment. Cancer represents the leading cause of death for goldens. To help avoid these health problems for your golden retriever, it is important to know a dog’s pedigree and to purchase dogs from a reputable breeder. Each dog should be examined by the OFA or by PennHIP. These evaluations involve x-rays to test a dog for hip dysplasia and disease. Grooming (brushing) is recommended twice a week. They may not be a good choice for those with allergies because of shedding.

Golden retrievers are an energetic and enthusiastic breed who love and crave the company of humans. These qualities along with a gentle and friendly nature make this dog wonderful for families and active people looking for a companion.

Laurence Burrows is a golden retriever lover, and trainer. For more great tips on the golden retriever breed, visit

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The AKC Golden Retriever

The AKC Golden Retriever
By Laurence Burrows

Who wouldn’t want a golden retriever? Faithful and famously friendly, goldens are great family dogs. They are also an intelligent and versatile breed and are outstanding hunting dogs, service dogs, and are top dogs in obedience and agility competitions. So popular, every variety of retriever can be found out there! It pays to know you have a genuine AKC golden retriever, registered with the American Kennel Club.

Let’s say you are buying a golden retriever. How do you know it is an AKC recognized golden? How do you know it is a purebred? AKC registration means that the parents of the dog are the same breed. So a puppy’s parents are both registered goldens. Typically, breeders will register whole litters. A reputable breeder can provide the AKC numbers and registered names of both parents with the right paperwork. You can verify this information and more with the AKC. A quality breeder can also provide a 3 to 5 generation pedigree of a puppy, and an application to register your puppy with the AKC in your name.

It is important to distinguish that an American Kennel Club golden retriever is an American breed of dog. British or European goldens are different, even though they are commonly sold in America. This is because the Breed Standards which regulate the breed are different. The AKC Breed Standard which describes the perfect golden can be found at The Kennel Club (KC) Breed Standard for British goldens can be found at Typically, American goldens are slightly taller, and have a more slender build. American dogs may be a darker shade of gold, sometimes called mahogany or red. Pale cream colored goldens are British dogs. American dogs may also have a slightly longer coat.

The American Kennel Club held its first meeting in 1884 at the Philadelphia Kennel Club. The meeting was comprised of 12 delegates from the most prestigious dog clubs at the time. Major James M. Taylor became the AKC’s first President later that year in New York at Madison Square Garden, and a Constitution was adopted. Lord Tweedmouth first began breeding goldens in 1864 in the North of Scotland. Yellow or Golden Retrievers gained popularity in England in the late 1800’s. ‘Golden Flat-Coats’ were shown in England starting in 1908. The Golden Retriever Club was started in 1913 in England. Goldens were brought to America in the 1920’s. The AKC first registered the golden in 1925. The Golden Retriever Club of America was incorporated in 1938.This is the official National Club for the golden. National Clubs serve as the parent club for each AKC recognized breed. Breeders may be members, or may be members of a local affiliated club. The 1st golden Field Champion was in 1939, and they have also won many tracking championships. Starting in 1977, the first ever 3 AKC Obedience Champions were goldens. Since official agility competitions started, goldens have claimed many championships since the 1990’s.

Golden retrievers became popular in America in the 1930’s and 1940’s. Originally, they were favored as hunting dogs. They were also successful show dogs. Today, goldens are one of the most popular family dogs in the world.

Laurence Burrows is a golden retriever lover, and trainer. For more great tips on the AKC golden retriever, visit

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