Training A Golden Retriever – 6 Tips To Stop Your Retriever From Pulling On The Leash by John

One of the greatest bonding moments that a dog and his owner can have is taking walks together. But sometimes, walks can turn out to be a pain in the neck for dog owners especially when roles are reversed and dogs walk their masters. This happens to a lot of dog owners – being dragged down the street while their dogs excitedly explore! No matter how hard you scream and pull, your dog always wins the tug of war… well don’t worry, it’s not too late to teach your seemingly stubborn dog to follow your lead instead of the other way around. Here are a few tips and tricks to teach your pooch not to pull while on walks.

TIP 1 –
For extremely hyperactive and energetic dogs, have them play in the backyard first before doing the walks. That way your dog can exhaust the extra energy that he has and be calmer when time to take walks. He’ll know in time that walks are walks and not “play” time.

TIP 2 —
Always start walks by calling your dog’s name. Grabbing his attention from the beginning of the walk is a good idea to keep his concentration on you instead of other things. Do basic commands like a heel or sit to remind him that even on walks, you are the boss.

TIP 3 —
Keep talking to your dog to keep his attention focused on you. Praise him often when he is walking beside you. You have to take time and concentrate on your dog, let him know what is good behavior. Repeated praises and actions will allow your dog time to realize what is good.

TIP 4 —
If your dog insists on pulling ahead of you, a neat trick you can do is to walk with him in small counter clockwise circles. This will make your dog pay attention to you and what you two are doing rather than pulling while walking.

TIP 5 —
Dogs are curious by nature, and they will smell and sniff and leave their scent. Also by nature, “marking” makes dogs feel that they are the “leader” of the pack. So don’t allow your dogs to eliminate anywhere for this will make them think that they are your leader.

TIP 6 —
At the end of the walk, let your dog sniff around and eliminate in the grass. Repeatedly doing so will tell your dog that this culminates the walk and tells him that this is his reward for being obedient.

Patience and repeated actions are probably the greatest tips that you can work on to get your dogs to become well-trained while walking. Some dogs are seemingly stubborn, but in reality, they just need a little guidance to learn that pulling while walking is unacceptable behavior.

Learn more about calming down your hyper pet and get tips on training a golden retriever from John, a golden retriever lover who has been sharing his knowledge on successful dog training. Click here to find out how experts are training even the most difficult golden retrievers!

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