Does the Black Golden Retriever Really Exist?

Does the Black Golden Retriever Really Exist?
By Archie Right

Have you ever been wondering if the black Golden Retriever (or the dark Golden Retriever as it is also called) is a purebred golden with just different color or it’s a regular Golden mixed with some other breed? Well, to tell the truth it may be both and here is why.

Of cause it is possible that some black Labrador just jumped over the fence and in 63 days mixed puppies have appeared with traits of both parents including black color. It is even possible that puppies from the same litter were conceived by different fathers and some of them are purebred and the others are mixed. But you’ll probably notice that they won’t have the same appearance as purebred Golden.

However, it is harder to explain when a black Golden Retriever puppy appears in the litter of two AKC purebred Goldens. It really happens and sometimes even more than one black puppy appears in the purebred litter. Black puppies are especially often if the mother and the father are siblings. But remember, that you should not breed siblings under any circumstances since it may cause many problems in the offspring (genetic problems and bad temperament of the puppies are just a few of them).

So how come black puppies appear as the litter of two golden-colored parents? There are two main theories that explain possible reasons. According to the first one, black color is a result of dogs carrying recessive (wild-type) gene because of the breed’s origin. Let’s not forget that the breed originates from flat-coat Retrievers and it is very likely that all modern Goldens have this black gene from their forefathers.

Another theory is that the gene was acquired by the breed in post war times. At that time kennel clubs allowed “Pink Form” registration because of the number of remaining breed representatives was very low. Basically it meant that any dog that looked like breed standards could be registered as the purebred. So sometimes dogs could even be registered as representatives of two or three breeds at once. As the result some mixed blood surely got to in the breed’s bloodlines. The same theory is used to explain unprovoked aggression in Golden Retrievers that is absolutely non-typical for the breed.

Anyway, no matter for what reason purebred black Golden Retriever is really black it is not much different from regular Goldens. Black Golden will grow at the same rate as his siblings, he’ll be fine with regular food and need the same amount of exercises and grooming. The only real difference is the color. It might just make it harder to look for flees and ticks while grooming.

Health concerns are also the same. You’ll have to be careful while choosing the dog. Avoid pet stores and look for the reputable breeder with the dogs that has gone thought all the appropriate health checks.

The most important, black Golden Retrievers preserve all the great traits of a regular Golden. They are intelligent and willing to please their owners. They are easy to train and appropriate for the first time owners. They are great with children and other pets and are loving and joyful family members.

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